Commercial Aplications

Commercial Aplications

Commercial Aplications

Our products...

We have products for different applications, from Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. Depending on your water consumption (Drinking-Cooking), needs. We have the right product for you.

For less than $0 .30 cents a gallon, you and your loved ones can enjoy the multiple benefits of consuming pure water, free of contaminants and no impact on the environment with more plastic.

We achieved these benefits with the consumption of distilled water. The purest water you could get. Our distillers manufactured in the USA by Durastill, pioneers in the industry, have the best reputation, technology, and construction worldwide.

 There is no natural or artificial process in today's market, including treatments like: (Deionization, Filtration, Ozonification, Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline Water, etc.). As reliable, durable, and cost-effective, that will consistently remove 99% or more of all the contaminants that could be present in our drinking water. Only through a water distillation system like the ones made by Durastill, whom Hydrologik proudly represents, can give you that peace of mind.

We want to do more…

Now business owners in different industries like; (Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Condominiums, and R.V. Parks) will have the ability to make the water on-premise fresh every day and then sell it to their guests and clients. Not only serving a much better product but also environmentally friendly and profitable.

It’s a win, win for everybody!!!

“Good for the people, Good for the ocean, and Good for the planet”.

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