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About Hydrologik

Water Treatment Solutions in Houston


We're a faith-based, family-owned company based in Houston, TX, providing an alternative solution to the crisis that contaminated water and plastic waste pose. Which negatively affects our health, environment, and every living creature on the planet.

We provide the purest water available. Made fresh ...

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Our Mission

At Hydrologik, our mission is to bring awareness and an alternative solution to the importance that the consumption of pure water (distilled water) has on our bodies. Re-booting our health while improving our quality of life.

We want to share the benefits that for more than three decades, we have enjoyed. ...

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Our Vision

Our vision is to have our products proudly represented at home communities, government agencies, the public and private sectors, schools, hospitals, churches, restaurants, hotels, gyms, and other places where water is used for consumption. 

On that day, our service will no longer be required, hence completing our ...

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Why Us...?

  • Free consultation
  • Save money...
  • No plastic waist...
  • Our why
  • Is a win win for everybody
  • We give back to the community
  • Investment on your health
  • Made in USA
  • Family Owned
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Oct 7, 2022
Rosemary Briñez


Oscar B.

Drinking distilled water I had obtained many benefits for my health. Since I tasted the first time, I noticed the difference, and improvement in my health. Definitely, the best thing that happened to me is to have found this quality of water (Distilled Water); through Hydroligik. It feels that it is really pure water , lighter, transparent and the best off all, without chemicals, my health improved 100%




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